“If all you have is a decision for Christ and no delight in Christ, you don’t have Christ. We are not saved by mere decisions, we are saved by the sovereign work of God, by his Spirit, causing us to be born again which brings into being a new creature who has new affections for God and less affection for the world.”

John Piper

“The God whom we worship is holy, the work we are employed in is holy, the place we hope to arrive at is holy; all this calls for holiness.”

Thomas Watson

“The song of our solitude should be full of living joy, And yet, I am afraid there is very little private singing nowadays. We often hear talk concerning private prayer, but very seldom of private praise — and yet ought there not to be as much private praise as private prayer? I take it, from how seldom we talk about it, private thanksgiving has grown to be a sleepy affair.”

Charles Spurgeon