“Christ’s Godhead supported the human nature that it did not faint, and gave virtue to his sufferings. The altar sanctifies the thing offered on it (Matthew 23:19). The altar of Christ’s divine nature sanctified the sacrifice of his death, and made it of infinite value.”

Thomas Watson

“He is no Christian who lives not much in the meditation of the mediation of Christ, and the especial acts of it. Nay; if our minds are not fill with these things–if Christ does not dwell plentifully in our hearts by faith–if our souls are not possessed with them . . . we are strangers to the life of faith.”

John Owen

“When men begin to satisfy themselves with general hopes of mercy in God, without a continual respect for the interposition and mediation of Christ . . . there is a decay in their faith and proportionally in all other evangelic graces also.”

John Owen

“The most violent expression of God’s wrath and justice is seen in the Cross. If ever a person had room to complain for injustice, it was Jesus. He was the only innocent man ever to be punished by God. If we stagger at the wrath of God, let us stagger at the Cross. Here is where our astonishment should be focused.”

R.C. Sproul