“We can never make too much of Christ. . . . We can never have too high thoughts about Christ, can never love Him too much, trust Him too implicitly, lay too much weight upon Him, and speak too highly in His praise. He is worthy of all the honour that we can give Him. He will be all in heaven. Let us see to it, that He is all in our hearts on earth.”

J.C. Ryle

“The sinless Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for our sins, taking our place, because as sinners we could never offer a sacrifice worthy enough to atone for the atrocities of our sin against a holy God.”

Steve Pruitt

“So Jesus has done everything that we needed to be saved from sin. He has done everything we needed in order for us to be saved from the judgment of death. And he has done everything necessary to set us free from the bondage of the Devil. In a word, he has done everything we need done for us but could never do for ourselves. “

Alistair Begg/Sinclair Ferguson

“The man who knows that Jesus shed his blood for him, and has had that blood applied to his conscience, becomes a sin-hating man, consecrated to Him who cleansed him. . . . Those who are debtors for salvation to their dying Lord should be the most holy of men.”

Charles Spurgeon