“Our mercies were brought forth with great difficulty. That which is sweet to us was costly to Christ in acquiring it. The price of blood hangs over every mercy. Life comes through death. Prime favors come swimming to us in blood. . . . let all this endear Christ more than ever to us and make us in a deep sense of his love say “Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ.”

John Flavel

“It is impossible that any ill should happen to the man who is beloved of the Lord. Ill to him is no ill, but only good in a mysterious form. Losses enrich him, sickness is his medicine, reproach is his honour, death is his gain.”

Charles Spurgeon

“Many evangelicals today believe that the church exists either to meet the spiritual needs of Christians or to reach out to the world. Both of these are by-products of true worship: biblical worship does bless believers and evangelize the lost. But the true and primary reason to come to church is to fulfill our priestly role of offering worship to the true and living God, who is worthy of all our praise.”

Richard D. PHillips

“We believe the Scriptures to teach, not only that God originated the whole universe, but that He bears a perpetual, active relation to it; and that these works of providence are ‘His most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all His creatures and their actions.'”

R.L. Dabney

“An important part of our faith as Christians is that God cares for us, and that the detail and direction of our lives are under the purposeful control of God. We draw comfort from the fact that nothing is too small to escape the attention of God, nor too minute for him to bother about. We draw inspiration from the fact that God has the power to make difficulties disappear.”

Paul Helm