My soul followeth hard after thee; Thy right hand upholdeth me. Psalm 63:8 (KJV)

King David of Israel knew something about pursuit. Many times during his crusades for King Saul and later as king himself, he was the pursuer. He not only pursued but subdued his enemies. There were also instances in David’s life when he was the one being pursued by his enemies. In fact, when he wrote the words to Psalms 63 he was hiding from King Saul in the wilderness of Judah.

Pursuit is the act of chasing in an effort to overtake or capture. The Hebrew word David used in Psalm 63:8 for “followeth hard” means to impinge (collide, strike, dash, encroach, trespass), cling, adhere, and to catch by pursuit. The same word is used in the Old Testament when speaking of armies pursuing their enemies.

David was just as determined to pursue God as he was to pursue his enemies. In essence he was saying in Psalm 63:8, “God, I am going to pursue you until I catch you.” The determination and the desperation of catching God can be heard in David’s words in the previous verses of Psalm 63. He used phrases such as, Early will I seek you, My lips shall praise you, I will bless you, I will lift up my hands, My mouth shall praise you, and I will rejoice.

King David’s prime motivation for pursuing God was that he was thirsty; his soul was thirsty (Psalm 63:1). He had a longing to see the power and glory of God (Psalm 63:2). He realized that the loving kindness and favor of God was more precious than life itself (Psalm 63:3). And that if he could catch God in the midst of his praise that his soul would be sustained and satisfied; for God was his only source of satisfaction (Psalm 63:5). David also realized that if he could catch God that God would be his help and protection (Psalm 63:7).

For us to catch God we must have the same heart as David. We must pursue God with the intent purpose of catching him. We must be thirsty for God alone and realize that his right hand (power) is the only thing which sustains and satisfies our soul. And we must be willing to express or display our feelings toward him.

God desires to be caught. And if we pursue him with all our heart and with pure motives he will let us catch him. When we catch him we will have all we need.

Are you following hard after God?

Scriptures for meditation:
1 Samuel 14:22
Psalm 42:2; 143:6
Isaiah 55:1

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