Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of the godly! Psalm 149:1 (ESV)

In Psalm 149:1 the Hebrew word used for new in “new song” mean fresh or new thing. The Hebrew word used of praise following new song is the word tehillah. Tehillah is the Hebrew word most associated with the new song. Tehillah can be defined as laudations or hymns sung spontaneously to the Lord. The new song is a spontaneous overflow of love and adoration towards God.

The word tehillah is used many times in the Book of Psalms. In fact the Book of Psalms is also known as the Book of Tehillum. In Psalm 22:3 David says that God has set up his throne in the tehillah of his people. He writes, Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises (tehillah) of Israel.(ESV) Another psalmist writes in Psalm 100:4 that tehillah is how we enter into God’s presence. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise (tehillah)! Give thanks to him, bless his name! (ESV)

God has given the church many gifted songwriters who write anointed worship songs. As a result thousands of worship songs have been written over the years that express our heart toward God. When a new worship song is introduced it doesn’t take long for the recording industry to feature it on several different labels. Christian worship music might not be where it is today without these anointed writers and songs.

It is possible, however, that there is a higher dimension of worship where God desires for true worshipers to occupy; the dimension of the new song. No other song can express the heart of a worshiper than his own song to the Lord.

Someone could go to the store and buy an anniversary card for their spouse, or they could make a card themselves. The spouse would love either, but the card that was handwritten would have special meaning because it came straight from the heart. Someone else could use a card just like one bought at the store but no other person can give that spouse what is written from the heart. In the same way many people may sing the same song to worship God. There is no doubt that God enjoys that worship, but he takes special delight in the songs that come from within the worshiper. No one else can sing that song.

The new song comes from the spirit of a person who has a fresh relationship with the Father. The Father is always revealing more of himself to those who walk close to him. As he reveals himself he gives new songs that only those to whom he is revealed can sing. It is their song to him.

How long has it been since you sang a love song to God from your own heart? Did you even know that you could?

Scriptures for meditation:
Psalm 98:1
Isaiah 42:10

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